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Electronic cigarettes are mainly meant to satisfy the nicotine craving and the feel of a cigarette in your mouth. The beauty of these cigarettes is that they look and feel like a normal cigarette and do not have the effect of second hand smoke and can hence be used anywhere. If you are one of [...]


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Electronic cigarettes (e-cigs) have become very popular as smokers look for less harmful alternatives to smoking. If online reviews are anything to go buy, e-cigs have helped very many smokers quit smoking. The problem being experienced by many smokers currently is choosing the right electronic cigarette. Because there are very many e-cigarette brands today, people [...]


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Being a healthy alternative to traditional smoking e-cigarettes are becoming popular these days. Green Smoke is the leader of the brands that are known for the uniqueness of the design of their e-cigarettes, variety of flavors and ease of using them. The top brand Green Smoke e-cigarettes are available in a price range from $59.97 [...]

Electronic Cigarettes: Can They Help You Quit Smoking or Not?

e cigarette smoking alternative

It’s not easy to quit smoking and lots of people have failed along the way. Despite their many attempts to stop smoking or the length of time they have provided to give up smoking, most of them somehow always fail in the middle. One of the reasons for such failure is the nicotine addiction, which [...]

8 aspects to consider when purchasing an electronic cigarette

e cigarette features

Only the best electronic cigarettes out there give users a complete and practical smoking experience. They are the closest thing you will ever get to a real cigarette as they provide users with the savor, nicotine as well as the sights and sounds of actual cigarette smoke. Here are eight aspects to take into account [...]

All About Electronic Cigarettes

all about e cigarettes

Since the year 2007 when they were introduced in the market, electronic cigarettes are gaining popularity every now and then and currently they are one of the best selling commodities in individuals who want to quit smoking. The increase in popularity is due to the fact that these types of cigarettes are not associated with [...]

Two Things You Didn’t Know About Electronic Cigarettes

understand e cigs

Looking for information about electronic cigarettes? Then you can rest assured that this is the right article for you. You may have heard lots of success stories about people who managed to beat their addiction to nicotine. Most of them even stopped smoking- thanks to these ecigs. You may even know some of these people. [...]

How To Maintain Your Electronic Cigarettes

e cigarette maintenance

After using your electronic cigarettes constantly for many years, you will notice that your e- cigarettes will stop tasting good and will also produce less nicotine liquid vapors as it usually did in the past. The fact that the batteries and atomizer play a vital role in the functioning of your e -cigarettes, taking care [...]

Why do People Switch to E Cigarettes?

e cigarette review

Electronic cigarettes or e cigarettes are gaining popularity among the people who are taking them as a good alternative for their smoking habits of real cigarettes. These electronic cigarettes are considered as an appropriate replacement to the traditional cigarettes, instead of a device used to terminate the smoking habit, due to their appearance like original [...]

Are electronic cigarettes safe for your health?

e cigarette studies

It is not fair to give a personal opinion on this topic and it is important to support it with facts and logic provided by various, health care counselors, doctors or scientists.The legitimate science which is being practiced learned and followed for over three decades and which laid the foundation for policy change at local, [...]

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